The Invisible Difference

It’s been a long day. Ready to relax?

As you pull into your driveway, your home senses it. The garage door opens, window shades come down as the lights go up…just the right amount. And as you step out of your car, stretch off the drive home and head inside, you smile as you hear it …your favorite music greeting you like an old friend.

beemer. The ultimate smart home.

Welcome to Beemer Smart Home

Beemer helps people use technology to personalize their home and make it safer, more comfortable and more entertaining to live in. Our sweet spot is designing home theaters and whole home audio systems for customers who value personalized service, impeccable sound quality and invisible speakers.

We also offer a broad range of smart home solutions from rock-solid networking to the convenience and design aesthetic of smart lighting and automated shades.

At Beemer, we encourage more time snuggling with those you love (GOSA! in Swedish) and less time wrestling with technology, so we offer an integrated, whole home control system from Control4 that is convenient, reliable and easy to use. One feature we love: Control4 enables customers to adjust and experiment with the automation in their home after they’ve lived with it for a while, fine-tuning the system, until it’s just right. No other automation company offers this top-requested feature.

Beemer Smart Home is a family owned company based in Kirkland, WA, led by Håkan Olsson.